The Only Free & Open Academic University

  1. There are no entrance restrictions - There are no mark, grade, or SAT requirements.
  2. There is no tuition to be paid - There's no gimmick here, it part of our philosophy. In order to be truly academically free, there can be no barriers to the academics of the university.
  3. We are fully internet based - There is no real physical campus, and no classrooms - just the internet. Students learn to use the internet like a library and this becomes their classroom. This means that all fields learns the computer skills that are needed.
  4. We are independent study oriented - There are no boring lectures and no wasting time with bad teachers. Students learn from first hand experience. Using the internet, students explore the academics of experience. This means that students can study anywhere in the world. Want to learn French, you can study in France!
  5. Go from reading books to writing books - While many student don't find careers in their major, our students will. The basis for academics is writing, so (obviously) writing is at the base of the career. For this reason, students begin in the first semester to write freelance articles and complete their degree by publishing a book.
  6. Our philosophy - We are the only university based in objective philosophy. (Please read the university's philosophy and the webpublication for full details.)

Enrollment options

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